From right to left: MAJOR Willem Steenkamp, Anton Hart, Enslin van Blerk, Koos van der Merwe (the REAL ONE) DR Mischa Galukhin ( Chairman of the Russian Club, Cape Town) and ex Soviet Paratroop Captain, His Eminence Archbishop of Egoryevsk Mark, Head of Moscow Patriarchate Department for Foreign Institutions, British soldier Jean -Paul Burrows, British Soldier Edouard de Villiers, Oleg Chepurnov and Daniel Lugovoy, the Rector of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Johannesburg.

The occasion was the Commemoration of the Russian Volunteers under Lt Col Maximov that joined the Boer Forces during the 2nd Boer War of Liberation against the British Empire ( 1899-1902).

The Wreath laying was undertaken by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation as well as the Heritage group, and a Poem / Prayer was sung by DR Elina Komarov ( not pictured here).

It was the first ever commemoration that was done in this manner!

After the ceremony all the guests and participants joined for snacks and vodka generously supplied by the Russian Consulate and the Witblits / Mampoer was supplied by myself to share with our Russian brothers.

An absolute awesome and unforgettable event.

Article by Anton Hart