Aircraft Navigation and Guidance: During the summer of 1943, Bomber Command equipped its aircraft with H2S, a device which scanned the terrain for several miles around the aircraft and presented navigators with what was virtually a map of the ground showing towns, rivers, lakes and coastlines. Photo shows: An Avro Lancaster in flight. The dome containing the H2S radar scanned is clearly visible on the underside of the aircraft.

For the first time I experienced the flak, the searchlights, the fires, the bombs bursting on the ground and the Lanc shaking when the flak was close. I saw the brilliant colours of the target markers on the ground and experienced the long, long wait over the target while the bomb-aimer identified the target and gave his instructions to the pilot. I felt the great lift of the Lanc when the bombs were released and then the two minutes flying on straight and level for the camera to check where our bombs had gone.

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