Patients undergoing treatment in the burns treatment centre at No. 2 RAF General Hospital at Maison Carée, Algiers. Standing by the trolley is Sister Hipkin PMRAFNS of Wroxham, Norfolk. The hospital was established in June 1943, in a building formerly occupied by Headquarters, North-West African Air Force, prior to which it functioned as a school. The burns treatment centre was located in the former linen store of the school, into which locally-made concrete baths were installed.

Many Gls with a magpie instinct will never be able to get home, such is their collection of loot. They have bits of battle debris, knives, pistols, bits of shell fragments, helmets, in addition to their colored baskets and rugs. In each case the collector has someone at home in mind when he makes the purchases. Grandma would love this Algerian shawl, and this Italian bayonet is just the thing to go over Uncle Charley’s replace, along with the French bayonet he brought home from the last war.

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