114 coy rasc help needed

Living History

Hope someone can help. My father was with the 114 coy rasc landing in France early July 1944 through to occupation in 1946. I want to trace his movements and on contacting the Royal Logistics Corps Museum have been given ref nos for war diaries held at Kew. Is there any other way to find out what division or corps he would have been attached to rather than trawl through thousands of pages of the company diaries? Places that he did mention were Bergen Belsen, Baden Baden, Blankinese (?), Hamburg in Germany. He got lost in the Ardennes and was posted missing overnight. He had got behind enemy lines and on hearing tanks approach had driven his truck off the road and hid in the forest while the Germans passed by. My father talked a lot about the war and got friendly with a family in Hamburg. I remember some letters that he received from them but alas these have been lost. His war records do not say where he was – just overseas.

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