4 Reconnaissance Unit Memorial Parade 2013

Living History


We arrived at 09:30, having had to take another route because they had cordoned the road off.

We drove into the compound were Captain Hegter awaited for our arrival. She gave us a seat in the front row with all the high ranking officers. They then came past us with their unit colours and the members that were in service had to salute and me and my father had our hands on our hearts, proudly South African.

They then started with a prayer from the chaplain, after he prayed we all had to have a 2 minute silence. We then sang our hearts out  of the first hymn (Amazing Grace) and the 2nd hymn was the song for the 4 Special Forces Regiment.


Then came the wreath laying. First was the Mayor of Saldanha Municipality, the Chief of Joint Operations, the General Commanding Officer South African Special Forces, Flag Officer Fleet, Commanding Officer of 4 Special Forces Regiment, Commandant Military Academy, Commanding Officer Air Force Base Langebaan, Commanding Officer SAS Saldanha, Special Forces Operators, Special Forces League, on behalf of the Heritage Group Mario Strydom, families and then members of the public.


When it came to my turn to lay the wreath I felt very honoured that the Heritage Group chose me to lay the wreath on such an occasion.

The Roll of Honour

76422344BC Cpl C. R. Hardenberg 10 July 1980

80000987PP Capt W. R. McIntosh 08 October 1982

76465673PK Cpl R. R. Liebenberg 21 May 1985

77527224PE Cpl L. P. van Breda 21 May 1985

84470228PE Cpl P. C. J. Haasbroek 14 February 1990

94766870PE Capt M. M. Ntlakana 28 May 1996

96700257PV AB B. M. Marsh 01 July 1999

93467090PE Capt A. Nienaber 07 December 2001

00007427 Cpl S. Mama 08 October 2010


We were then invited to tea with Colonel H. Nagel, and took the opportunity to shake his hand.

I got myself something to eat and drink, but when I was finished I spotted the WW2 Veteran and I instantly dashed to him and shook his hand and said “Thank You Sir for your service and everything you sacrificed.”


Tears began to well up in his eyes and he instantly grabbed a hold of me and started to cry, that made me feel so honoured that I started to cry as well.

I greeted the Colonel and thanked him for the opportunity.

Friendly greetings.

Mario Strydom.

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