4th Welch Battalion – War Diary June 1945

Living History

On Saturday, 9th June, the Battalion was in the newly established British Zone, near Mettmann, east of Dusseldorf and took over from the US troops already there.

With the ending of the war there were considerable problems with displaced persons – civilians who were not able to return to their country. They were housed in hundreds of makeshift camps and the unit had the task of patrolling the areas of these camps to prevent unrest.

Many displaced persons were malnourished and ill. Food become a much needed commodity and a lot of discarded military weapons could be used if they were minded to steal food and other items. Some displaced persons also sought to take their revenge on the Germans for the war.

The volatility of Germany, had serious consequences for its people. During the month, three murders occurred against farmers in their homes in the Battalion’s area alone and this would have been replicated throughout the country.

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