4th Welch Battalion – War Diary Nov 1944

Living History

In terms of what the Battalion had experienced so far, the month of November was a quieter month for the Battalion. That said, they was still involved in offensive actions and had to go into enemy held territory liberating the small Dutch town of Heel.

The successful capture of s’Hertogenbosch allowed the Allies to start to mount an offensive to free the Scheldt estuary from German control and eventually open up the vital port of Antwerp.

As this happened the Germans were able to regroup and started to apply pressure elsewhere and attack southwards of s’Hertogenbosch as a ‘spoiling’ operation, which meant distracting the Allies from the Scheldt estuary. They were determined not to concede any advantage to the Allies. To do this, they destroyed banks of canals and flooded the Dutch lowland to make it more difficult for the Allies. They also re-seized Dutch towns and villages that had previously been in Allied hands.

The terrain consisted of lowland with canals and much surface water making it hard to fight with tanks and other armoured vehicles. The water table was so low that any trenches soon filled with water and made life miserable for the soldiers

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