65th (NS) Medium Regiment R.A. 896799

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I have been fascinated with reading threads where by the help received has been extra ordinary.

(I hope this has been posted in the correct domain.)

I am looking at any information that I can find out about my Grandad on behalf of my 94 year old Gran.

He survived the war – but like many did not speak of it. I would like to find out what I can about his whereabouts in the war as my Gran and mother sadly did not get to know about the places he went to and where he fought as he died at 52 years of age. If he lived longer we could of asked! My Gran has been on her own since.

His details are:-

Edward Watt born 19/02/20 number 896799 Gunner in the 65th (NS) medium Regiment R.A. interposted to 222 battery on 15.11.40.

I have a copy of his war records that I can hopefully scan and upload if needed.

Sadly I only have 1 original war medal of his, but he was awarded the Africa star 1st Army clasp, Efficiency Medal Territorial, 1939-45 Star, Italy Star (unit cmp), War Medal1939-45 I have his defence Medal. He spent some time in Hexham Hospital 16.10.41 posted to “Y” list and discharged 28/4/42 where I believe his battery would be in Malta at this time?

His nickname was Eddie “Smasher” Watt and my Gran has a picture of him on a motorbike.

There are a lot of other things on his records like unit (x)1 which I believe to be Army code for the injured?

Could anyone give me any info on him or his units or the story line of his medals – anything would be appreciated, so if you can help me to fill in a part of my Grans life that was empty in those war years please respond, but I am thankful that she did see him again after the war, sadly many others did not get that opportunitty, and I would not be here writing this, as my mother was born in 1947 and part of the demob baby boom. Thank you in anticipation and will look forward to anything that you may be able to help me with.

Regards Mark

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