93rd Anti-tank Regiment, RASC, Army Education Corps

Living History

Hi all,

I’m in the process of researching some information about the activities in Italy after December 1943.

The 93rd anti-tank regiment (6th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Battalion) landed in Salerno. My grandfather was part of the regiment at that point, and then spent some time in San Marino, Taranto and Foggia. It was around San Marino at some point that there was some kind of skirmish and my grandfather was put out of action. He’s not sure exactly what happened there but it involved hospitalization for a while.

At some time after that, he was transferred to RASC and there was something about HQ 56 Area and HQ3 District, and I’m not sure what either of those things mean. He was promoted to corporal in charge of the Army Education Corps, and I know this was a time in his army career he was really proud of, he did some work training men to read and write here, and I remember him saying something along the likes of 3 or 4000 men signed up to his reading and writing school. Does anyone have any information about this, or where to look for more information?

I’d really like to find some photos of this time, and the area if anyone knows where I might find some. my grandfather lost his at some point.

I think the offices he was based at were in Naples, and I also have the name Rione Sirigano comes into this somewhere as well.

I would be so grateful for any information that could be provided at all. Or just a push in the right direction, I’ve exhausted google!



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