A cryptological challenge

Living History

Any cryptologists want to try to crack this radio message code?

The British black radio station Gustav Siegfried Eins would include short coded messages in its broadcasts like this.

The text will be in German and suspect either it will be quite easy to break or totally meaningless!

Sefton Delmer explained the code’s purpose thusly:

There followed a message in a number code. It was not a high grade cypher and when broken and decoded by the monitors of the Reich Central Security Office, as it was bound to be, I reckoned it would produce quite an acceptable flurry in the Gestapo’s dove-cotes all over Germany. For the message said: “Willy meet Jochen Friday row five parquest stalls second performance Union Theatre”. There were hundreds of Union Theatre cinemas all over Germany, and I fondly imagined leather-coated Gestapo thugs attending every one of them on the look-out for ‘Willy’ and ‘Jochen’. The Gestapo with their radio detection instruments would be quick to fix our signal as coming from Britain. They could not ignore the possibility that Willy and Jochen were British agents, and that the message to them was genuine.

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