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Stalingrad Tank-Boy – did he exist?

Hallo all Watching an old (1988) film lat night, The Beast, I was struck by one of the characters (the tank commander) who revealed that as an 8 year old he had been at Stalingrad – lowered by rope above unsuspecting German panzers and dropped molotovs in hatches to end up being the hero ‘Tank…
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War Diary of 653 AOP Squadron – 1944 & 1945

Click here to access June to December 1944:- War Diary Of 653 AOP Sqdn- June To December 1944 Photos by rahonour3947 | Photobucket Reference number at the National Archives, Kew is WO171/1224 Click here to access January to September 1945:- War Diary Of 653 AOP Sqdn – Jan To Sept 1945 Photos by rahonour3947 |…
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Torpedoed Kiwi’s lifeboat bequest.

A new lifeboat has been unveiled on Anglesey after a New Zealander left £2.2m to the RNLI in his will. Moelfre’s £2.7m lifeboat has been named RNLB Kiwi after Reginald James Clark, who died in June 2004. Mr Clark was a merchant seaman who was rescued by a lifeboat after his ship was torpedoed during…
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Stalin died on this day in 1953

5th March 1953 60 years since Stalin died. Just been reading this. BBC News – Georgia divided over Stalin 'local hero' status in Gori …read more Read more here: Remembering today

Let’s hear your BAOR stories

Just reading this about where the troops will be now we’re pulling out of Germany. BBC News – Army bases: Hammond to announce future plans I’m sure we have lots of members with memories of being in Germany with the forces or forces families. Let’s here some tales. edit: Yes I know it hasnt been…
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Campo Concentramento P.G. N.062 Grumellino Del Piano “The field of Grumellina”

Hi everyone, Ive been back on the site over the last few days. Ive been away for quite some time and I’ve noticed a few members are interested, researching, or requesting info on the Italian camp P.G. 62. Ive been researching my Family history over the last four years or so and part of that…
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Welcome friends

Heloo friends, I just introduce myself and new to this forum.Hope i can meet many friends here and sharing their ideas here. …read more Read more here: Remembering today

Games on the empire pride

my grandfather jack tebbutt told me about games he played while in convoy on the empire pride called housey housey and crown and anchor anybody know more about these games and how you play them? Jonathan …read more Read more here: Remembering today

African Rations

my grandfather told me about the rations his regiment used to have on his battles through africa, biscuits – he described them as dog biscuits distilled seawater bully beef carnation milk jonathan …read more Read more here: Remembering today

A close shave for the bays

my grandfather’s diary about his time in italy towards the end of the war; “Bill Richardson was in lead tank and we stopped for a while to have a conference as Bill’s map reading was atrocious it was decided to carry on the route we were on and we drove right through two german camps…
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