Living History

Edouard de Villiers

Edouard’s impression is of the 12th SS Hitlerjugend, 2nd Panzer Division. His other impressions include a Soviet Russian Trooper, and a Roman Empire Legionnaire.

The HG Jeep

This Jeep was first inducted into the Group by Kirk Kinnear, who purchased the vehicle in 1999 in Somerset West from Dax. The vehicle was given the name Popeye, and briefly enjoyed a period of being a ‘bundu-bashing’ run-around. Kirk already had a a number of jeeps and decided this one had to be rebuilt…
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Dewald Le Roux

Dewald le Roux as a corporal in the Waffen SS Charlemange Division. Dewald also re-enacts 1st SS Panzer Division AHL.

Louis Kotze


Major Dick Winters

Dick Winters, a highly decorated World War II hero who became a household name when his heroics were chronicled in a Stephen Ambrose book that later became the HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers,” has died. He was 92. A very private and modest man, he died last week but requested that the news be withheld…
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Philip and Sian Gibbs

Philip Gibbs, a full member of the Heritage Group, reenacts a Captain in the Air Corps (USAAC – 8th Air Force Pacific Theatre) and a Military Policeman in the Korean theatre. Sian does a great impression of a US WAC (USAAC) European theatre. Philip has a 1946 CJ2 cunningly disguised to look like a Willys…
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Michael Willemse

Michael Willemse represents the 82nd Airborne around the time of the D-Day landings. Of additional interest is that the M1 Garrand he is holding was used in the film ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ (Thanks Michael!) Gerrit and Fred represent the 101st Airborne, and Michael the 82nd during the D-Day period.

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