Author: Cameron Kinnear

Living History

SA Paratrooping Pioneer

PARATROOPING PIONEER David McCombe, South Africa’s first serving paratrooper by Col McGill Alexander Introduction During the years of conflict in which South Africa was involved in Namibia and Angola, the South African Army built up a formidable airborne force in the shape of 44 Parachute Brigade. This formation had its origin in the establishment of…
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The Fallen

 In the last Great War, South Africa committed 120,000 soldiers to the battlefields of North Africa & Europe. 11,900 soldiers did not return.    

Carpane and Marzabutto

  In the North Italian village of Carpane on 27 September 1944 the Germans executed 16 Allied soldiers captured fighting with Italian partisans in that area. A number of South Africans who were captured at Tobruk in North Africa, escaped from a nearby POW camp and joined up with local partisans to carry on fighting…
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Nkosi, we scream, And I taste the thunder Of our feet. Nkosi! And brandish high Our bloody assegays. Nkosi… He stands,  The Great Bull-Elephant And raises his hand. The White-Mother Sent us boys Who still stumble. Boys to fight men, We will humble Their pride. Raise high My Impies, Your assegays, Let us make The…
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