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Living History

Siege of Leningrad re-enacted

Siege of Leningrad re-enacted by Historians dressed up as Red Army and German soldiers to mark battle’s 70th anniversary More than 400 actors dressed up as Soviet Red Army soldiers and German troops to recreate the battle The fight on January 27, 1944, finally forced the lifting of the German’s Siege of Leningrad which killed…
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Kettenkrad NSU, Type HK101, 1945

FOR SALE Kettenkrad NSU, Type HK101, 1945 In pristine condition and roadworthy. With original German vehicle papers. Sold with 2 spare sets of new track pads. New 6 Volt battery. Price GBP £65 000.   For further details, contact: SOLD!  

4 Reconnaissance Unit Memorial Parade 2013

We arrived at 09:30, having had to take another route because they had cordoned the road off. We drove into the compound were Captain Hegter awaited for our arrival. She gave us a seat in the front row with all the high ranking officers. They then came past us with their unit colours and the…
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SAS President Kruger

Today, 31 years ago on the 18th February 1982, the SAS President Kruger and 16 of my crewmates were lost at sea.  

Remembrance Day – SA Legion UK

UK Remembrance Day: South Africa’s 1st opportunity to remember fallen This year on 11 November for the very first time, the South African Legion UK will formally march in London and Glasgow to remember the fallen. Read more here.

Imposter Epidemic

  Joseph John Vango “DCM, MM BS”  The surge of wannabee’s setting themselves up as ex-veterans, and going even further to claim honours never earned, is creating concern in many areas. The US has instituted a law, the Stolen Valor Act, which was challenged as preventing free speech, but is now being upheld. I have…
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IL-2 Sturmovik Recovered from a Lake in Murmansk, Russia

Freshly retrieved from ‘Crooked Lake’ near the town of Severomorsk in the Murmansk region of Russia is the IL-2 Sturmovik wreck pictured below. The wreck was lifted on 21st June 2012 by a team named ‘Icarus’ from the city of Zaozersk.

Kittyhawk P-40 found in the desert – Pilot identified

My Uncle Denis, pilot of the plane time forgot: First pictures of the man who crash-landed his plane in the Sahara. The Mail On Sunday has found the nephew of Kittyhawk P-40 pilot who is thought to have survived crash but died trying to escape the desert on foot Pictures from the family collection show…
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Bush War Research

The Bush War Research Journal is part of my current dissertation research for my Masters in African Studies at the University of Edinburgh. I am currently looking for any UK-based veterans, who fought in the Southern African Bush War, who would like to be interviewed on camera by me for the purpose of this research.…
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International Police Association Cheque Presentation

  This was the 10th of May cheque presentation of funds raised at the Classic Car and Bike Show in January.  The recipients are Mrs Mary Lottriet from Village Care Aged Centre, the main recipient who accepted a donation for R10 000 and representatives of the Disaster Risk Management Volunteers Plumstead, who received donations of…
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