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The Bush War Research Journal is part of my current dissertation research for my Masters in African Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

I am currently looking for any UK-based veterans, who fought in the Southern African Bush War, who would like to be interviewed on camera by me for the purpose of this research.

If you or anyone else you know is interested, please contact me on:


See below for more details.

Current Research Proposal:
“With reference specifically to veterans of the South African Border War (aka Southern African Bush War); how does the act of talking to the camera, for example in an interview situation, codify or simplify the way people talk about or represent their histories? Or does it allow them to create more complicated and detailed narratives?”

About me:
I am a South African history/politics student and my focus is the Southern African Bush War and the soldiers who fought in it, on all sides, and their experiences and stories.

It is my intention to provide a platform for the unheard tales and to explore their significance and meanings and make them accessible to anyone willing to hear them, especially for the newer generations who have yet to hear of or understand this conflict and those who fought in it.

Previous work:


Documentary – Part 01:

Part 02:

Part 03:

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