Can I upload a picture (ww1)

Living History

I’ve had some helpful replies in response to my message about my grandad posted a few days ago so thought i would try my luck here again. whilst I was searching the Internet I came across my great granddads service records ( I think that’s what they are) from ww1, 20 photos in all so a great find i think! i cant wait to show my nan as her father died the week before she was born from the injuries he sustained during ww1.

Obviously this is a ww2 site but I wondered if I could upload a pic and someone could perhaps shed some light on what it says. The handwriting is difficult to read and I have no military knowledge so cant guess the terminology but perhaps someone could have an educated guess as to what it says.

If I can’t post it here does anyone know of a good ww1 site similar to this one who may be able to help.
May thanks in advance Vick

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