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Living History

SA Paratrooping Pioneer

PARATROOPING PIONEER David McCombe, South Africa’s first serving paratrooper by Col McGill Alexander Introduction During the years of conflict in which South Africa was involved in Namibia and Angola, the South African Army built up a formidable airborne force in the shape of 44 Parachute Brigade. This formation had its origin in the establishment of…
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The Fallen

 In the last Great War, South Africa committed 120,000 soldiers to the battlefields of North Africa & Europe. 11,900 soldiers did not return.    

Carpane and Marzabutto

  In the North Italian village of Carpane on 27 September 1944 the Germans executed 16 Allied soldiers captured fighting with Italian partisans in that area. A number of South Africans who were captured at Tobruk in North Africa, escaped from a nearby POW camp and joined up with local partisans to carry on fighting…
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Siege of Leningrad re-enacted

Siege of Leningrad re-enacted by Historians dressed up as Red Army and German soldiers to mark battle’s 70th anniversary More than 400 actors dressed up as Soviet Red Army soldiers and German troops to recreate the battle The fight on January 27, 1944, finally forced the lifting of the German’s Siege of Leningrad which killed…
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Kettenkrad NSU, Type HK101, 1945

FOR SALE Kettenkrad NSU, Type HK101, 1945 In pristine condition and roadworthy. With original German vehicle papers. Sold with 2 spare sets of new track pads. New 6 Volt battery. Price GBP £65 000.   For further details, contact: SOLD!  

4 Reconnaissance Unit Memorial Parade 2013

We arrived at 09:30, having had to take another route because they had cordoned the road off. We drove into the compound were Captain Hegter awaited for our arrival. She gave us a seat in the front row with all the high ranking officers. They then came past us with their unit colours and the…
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Woesterfees – Institute for the Blind – 19/20 April 2013

  On the 19/20th of April the Cape Town Chapter of the Heritage Group was tasked to assist in a fund raising campaign for the Institute of the Blind based in Worcester, Western Cape. The campaign was focused specifically on the Pioneer School and the Langerug Campus which caters for blind people. The campaign was…
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Imposter Epidemic

  Joseph John Vango “DCM, MM BS”  The surge of wannabee’s setting themselves up as ex-veterans, and going even further to claim honours never earned, is creating concern in many areas. The US has instituted a law, the Stolen Valor Act, which was challenged as preventing free speech, but is now being upheld. I have…
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South Africa’s oldest paratrooper

Bloemfontein- The oldest still-serving member of South Africa’s elite paratroops, Major Hans Human, has been a paratrooper all his life, whether as a National Serviceman or a member of the Reserve Force. He’s been jumping out of aeroplanes for more than 47 years. Read more:

Latvian SS Veterans deserve respect – President

Latvian President Andris Berzins said on Tuesday the nation should bow to its Waffen-SS veterans, many of whom died for their fatherland, the LNT TV channel reported.

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