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I posted a few months ago about the research we are trying to undertake about my father in law Frederick Sherratt who was in the Coldstream Guards. At the time we didn’t really know anything, now we have some extra information and I was hoping someone would be able to give us a few tid bits of info or point us in the correct direction to find some, we are still waiting for his records from Birdcage Walk…..

We found like a cardboard rectangle that had a picture of 2 flags on it and said

“State Colours of his majesty’s Coldstream Regiment Of Footguards…this is to inform the relative and friends of Frederick Sherratt that he is serving his king and country as a soldier No.14839572 in the coldstream guards…etc” so now we have his number….which someone on here very kindly looked up for me as being a general service core number, so obviously he was in there originally and moved to the coldstreamers at some point after.

Today we also found a photo of his battalion in training, which says “No 12 Platoon, No.2 Coy, Training Bn, Coldstream Guards, March 1945″…this was taken in Pirbright. It also has all the names of the other Guards and the instructors….is there anything this would be able to tell us?

Would he of stayed in this battalion? We know he ended up in Germany at some point, and we know he was in the armoured division because he had the “all seeing eye” badge on his arm….we also know he was injured by a 5mm mortar round landing in the back of his truck which resulted in severe burns on his legs and spent 5 months in hospital, and also that he was involved in some sort of mission where he apprehended some smugglers crossing the border with, we think, large quantities of razor blades.

So basically I’m hoping this may lead us to some more information about his time in the coldstream guards.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

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