Der Erste Zug Living History Organization

Living History

Der Erste Zug Living History Organization is dedicated to portraying the common German landser of WWII as accurately as research and materials will allow as well as to better educate ourselves and the public at large about this part of history that is often overlooked or misinterpreted.

As a group, we are committed to historical accuracy in our impression in both our public and immersion programs. We carefully research and document all of our uniforms, equipment, personal items, food, etc… We strive for our high standards of authenticity to extend beyond uniforms and equipment and into every aspect of our lives in the field.

Our group participates in Living History Programs throughout the East-coast which include air shows, public interpretations, historic films, National Park programs, as well as total immersion weekends.  We are also involved in preservation efforts to help keep history alive for future generations to learn from.

Why did we choose to call ourselves “Der Erste Zug?” “Erste” means first & a “Zug” is the German version of a platoon (which was 30 to 40 men). These platoon formations were found in most German infantry units of the war.  We used this “generic” name to give ourselves the ability to tailor our impressions to the location & time period that is best suited for the event we are portraying.  No matter the theater or period, our impressions are that of an average regular infantry unit.

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