Deutsches panzer Museum Munster revisited

Living History

This Whitsuntide Sunday I revisited tha Deutsches Panzer Museum at Munster as there was a Military Modelling Exhibition taking place over the Weekend.

This is an annual Event and I have over the last few years not been able to attend due to Church Confirmation ceremonies taking place.

This year I had the Weekend free and decided to meet up with a fellow 1/6th scale modeller who belongs a German Club that were exhibiting their remoter control tanks and vehicles in scales of 1/16, 1/9, 1/6 and 1/4.

My fellow modeller Mark, alias (Rivet Counter) was exhibiting his Tiger 1 in 1/6th scale and also videoing proceedings for the Club.

The Museum was full and many were waiting at the gate when I arrived 20 minutes before opening time at 10.00am.

As I arrived inside I saw Mark and his tank moving up towards the star new attraction at the Museum, the newly restored /assembled Tiger 1.

A real beast and very imposing as you can see from the photographs that I took.

Apparently there is some mystique as to where the tank came from, but Mark informwed me that there are another two in the Pipeline!

When you look Close up and see just how big These tanks were, you can only admire the Allied Tankers and anti tank Crews who battled with them.

Here are the photographs I took of the new exhibit and Marks model in front.


101_0042 (Large).JPG

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