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As some have pointed out, our friends at WW2F.com are moving software to Invision Power Board from their current Vbulletin.
IP.Board Discussion Forum Software for the IPS Community Suite

As others speculated: Will we move too?
The answer is: Yeah, Otto (blessings be upon him) is kindly sorting us a shiny new WW2T installation on Invision, with a few new toys bolted on.

I can’t tell you all precisely when, but I’ve been permitted to say ‘soon’.
WW2F will be moving first, and once that’s shaken out we’ll be upgrading too.

So bear with us, chaps – it’ll take a while to sort completely, and people will have to face that most alarming of things… Change!
Having mooched on a test installation I can say that the Invision system is easily as user-friendly as our current VB, and hopefully even more so.
It’ll also bring with it useful modern tools that’ll allow us to run things a bit more smoothly and adjust more easily to suit what’s required.

Our current installation is a rather clunky amalgam of years of use & bolt-ons, and this ought to be a nice clean restart.

If we pop offline (other than that bleedin’ annoying morning update error, which’ll hopefully go away once done), I’ll doubtless keep people informed as best I can via Twatter.
Though there’s a fair possibility I’ll be as in the dark as anyone else while the techno-pixies scuttle and sort.

Any questions – fire away.
I’ll do my best, but Invision is pretty new to me as well so solid answers may be a tad thin on the ground.

Onwards & upwards,

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