Help identifying uniform and unit

Living History

I’m hoping forum members can help. My gran recently died and I’ve been going through her old photographs and came across this one.

Unknown relative copy.jpg

We’re pretty sure he’s a relative but no-one knows who he is! So I’m hoping that if I can ID his unit that might narrow things down.

Obviously he’s wearing a kilt – which suggests a kilted regiment. But it could be Canadian or British, given family tree. The kilt and tam o’shanter, and dark (red?) hackle make me think Black Watch but the cap badge isn’t visible. He has a crossed-axes arm badge – not sure what those symbolise. I don’t know when the photo was taken but it appears to have been taken in Dundee at the Victory Studio, 41 High Street. Would the style of battledress give a date before which it couldn’t have been taken?

Any help would be appreciated.



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