Help required to find Two Ton Stone relief map of Palestine.

Living History

Between the Two World wars a remarkable Stone relief map was carved in Palestine, showing an accurate relief map of Palestine.

My friend Michael in Israel is currently trying to trace the whereabouts of this very historic Piece of History.

The map was sent from Jerusalem—as far as we know from papers and documents-

JERUSALEM -PORT SAID- LONDON- BATH- BRISTOL in 1925 1926. then it vanished.

In 1925 the Stone map of the Holy Land arrived in Bath- in a Church in Downs.

Now, the daughter of the Sculpture wants to see the Stone Map –before she dies.

she is at the moment very ill.

Has anyone on the forum seen this Large Stone Map in the garden of one of the 3 Churches in Downs Bath, England ?

Then, in 1930 , a Stone map of Palestine arrived in a church in Chicago.USA,

it was put on a concrete base in the garden of the Church. is it THE ONE ?

no one from Israel has seen the Map since 1926.

A preliminary search on a newspaper website I subscribe to found the attached report in the ‘Bath Chronicle and Herald’ 23 May 1925, about a “Palestine Exhibition in Bath” (a city near Bristol, south west .England) described as being “arranged under the auspices of the ‘London Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews’”. Among the ‘Exhibition Features’ are various models including “Raised map of Palestine”.

This may or may not be connected, but I feel it must be, the exhibition probably having come from the 1924 British Empire Exhibition in London when it closed in 1925, too much of a coincidence otherwise.

There will be prize of 300 pounds sterling, when a solid proof. Is found and a picture of the whereabouts.



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If any one can help or knows of any other Person who can help, Michael and others would be extremely grateful.



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