Help with my dads’ service record needed please

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Hi all

I posted a thread in August last year where I was looking for information on my dad (original thread: I’ve now received his service records and am struggling a little to make sense of them! I’ve been trying to summarise the details to get a timeline of his movements before I start looking further into what the various postings entailed.

Even with the list of abbreviations supplied, I’m a bit stumped. This is where I’ve got to. I’ve also attached scans of the papers I received from the MOD

  • Enlisted November 1942
  • No 1 Infantry Training Centre Warley 5 November 1942
  • Posted to C Coy RASC No 6 training Battalion at Warley (?) 16.12.1942
  • Passed a driving course in Sheffield and his designation was changed from Private to Driver 29 January 1943
  • Posted to 917, AA Coy RASC
  • ‘917 AA(M) Tpt Coy Reclassified by O.C. Coy from xx Grade II to Class I WEF 5 June 43
  • Then he seems to have moved to here: 299 Gen Tpt Coy where he attended a water duties course at xxx school of Hygiene 11.2.44
  • Still with 299 GT Coy – something about U/L/Cpl with effect from 11.5.44
  • Embarked WEF 31.5.44 (embarked to where??)
  • Pay grade changed? 11.5.44
  • Transferred from 299 Coy to xxx 127 Coy xxxxx 5 September 44
  • Seems to be another ‘posted from 299 to 127 Coy Corp Tpt 5 September 1945
  • Posted from 127 Coy to 458 Coy (xxx) xSOS 8 January 1946
  • 458 (IDT) posted to (CRASC) 51 xxx from 11 January 1946
  • Posted from 458 Coy (Inf Div) to Fxxx Tpt Plt 12 January 1946
  • Re-draft (?) GL 1A from 12 January 1946
  • 1837 xx xx Pl xxx on strength from 21 January 1946
  • Passed some more driving/mechanic courses and mustered ????
  • Transferred from 1837 to 780 Coy 24 June 1946
  • He was on the 1946 Census
  • Moved from 780 HC xx CAR to 721 Coy HQ(M) December 1946
  • XSA list 8 May 1947
  • Posted to ‘Y’/7 List / Date 9.5.47 / (Class ‘A’ Release)
  • Released to Class ‘Z’ (T) Royal Army Reserve / Date 9.8.47 / (Class ‘A’ Release)

If it’s possible for someone to make more sense of this, I would be most grateful.

Thank you in advance


Attached File
Service & casulty form.pdf 819.32K

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service card.pdf 1.11MB

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TA paperwork pt 1.pdf 1.8MB

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TA paperwork pt 2.pdf 1.91MB

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Notification of release.pdf 518.71K

I’ve also scanned the emblems I referred to in my original post (# 6)

Attached File
dad emblems.pdf 836.33K

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