i would like to donate a photograph and would like some research help. please!

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i have a picture of my grand uncle. I was raised by my grandmother. his sister. i feel it my duty to make public a photograph of him, and a photograph of his fathers ring of which in wartime he wore. which has battle marks on it. i found him once via genealogy. though i cannot any more. he was leading aircraftsman, Thomas Anthony Blackhurst. i i remember correctly, he died 10 days before the war end or D-day. as everyone was celebrating, my grandmother was in despair receiving her dead fathers ring from her dead brother. he was 23. born circa 1922, died 1945 of “according to her” colitis. my aunt insisted this is false, that it was starvation.

please help me find him, and everything about him. PLEASE! its been a life long ambition. but technology has been improved. i remember that when i found him, his records had only recently been added. 2009? i was searching for Anthony blackhurst. as she referred to him as toni. though, i found him to be called Thomas. he was likely referred to as Toni to define him from his uncle Thomas. he is buried in north Africa. i seem to remember it being a small site with 400+ish graves. Algiers rings a bell. just outside a large city. though dont count on that peice of info. if you could find him, a photo of is unit. i would be so very grateful. over the moon. my grandma would be proud of me. though she died in 1995. so she wont be telling me any more stories.

where do i donate a photo, where it is safe in the records?

i am not great on the pc. please help.


Daniel Percival

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