The HG Jeep

Living History

This Jeep was first inducted into the Group by Kirk Kinnear, who purchased the vehicle in 1999 in Somerset West from Dax.

The vehicle was given the name Popeye, and briefly enjoyed a period of being a ‘bundu-bashing’ run-around.

Kirk already had a a number of jeeps and decided this one had to be rebuilt as a WW2 MB.

Terence Reinders became involved in the build, and the vehicle was stripped down, and fairly quickly rebuilt and began looking green.

The Dog chose to sleep in this jeep in preference to the others.

After being harassed by Nigel Holloway for some time, the jeep was sold to him, and he began putting his own additions onto the vehicle.

Note the siren.

Kirk also provided Nigel with one of his ‘Saving Private Ryan’ prop Garand rifles. The rifle was unfortunately broken later.

Gerrit Sieberhagen of the HG became the next owner, and enjoyed happy motoring from November 2004 until he sold the jeep to Fred in August 2008.

This vehicle has therefore been in ‘the family’ for some time, and is now enjoying much TLC from Fred.

In October 2013 Fred sold the jeep to Altus Prins, who promises to keep the jeep going as one of the foundation vehicle for the Heritage Group.


Altus Prins and Fred Laker and jeep.


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