KKO Mobile Text Scammers Please Check Your Phone

Living History

I don’t know if most of you are like me and ignore the numerous junk texts that come through your mobiles. My partner ignored one from the above and they have been billing us via our business account with O2 for his mobile at £4.50 per week (one poor lady on line has 3 work mobiles and has been fleeced for £60 per month).

Basically they send you a text asking you to OPT OUT. If you ignore it they will bill you via your mobile provider. KKO Mobile said my partner had gone through the whole process of signing up (about 5 stages via your phone and my partner knows for certain he didn’t). O2 as usual are accepting no responsibility though they are also making money out of it. Vodaphone are another company named on the web as another provider who know this is going on.

Looking KKo up on the net, there are numerous people have been hit by this scam for not responding to the initial text. We have been billed since Sep 12 and there is absolutely no reference to it on any of our itemised bills so we were completely unaware O2 were taking this money on KKO’s behalf and making a tidy profit for themselves.

Please check your phones for texts asking you to opt out.

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