Liberation of Haaksbergen, April 1st 1945

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Hello all,

Thanks to this site I figured out my hometown of Haaksbergen, the Netherlands was liberated by troops of the 2nd Armoured Battalion, Irish Guards on April 1st 1945. In my spare time I like to build miltary models and diorama’s, and I would like to build a diorama based around an incident in Haaksbergen that day : the Pancratius church on our market square was damaged due to it being hit by the barrel of a passing tank (I assume a Sherman VC Firefly).

To help me build this diorama any information regarding this incident and the liberation of Haaksbergen in general would truly be appreciated ! Especially photo’s, as so far I’ve only managed to find one. This is the Molenstraat, leading up to our market square. The Pancratius was (and still is) just around the corner.

Kind regards,

Michel (aka DocProg)

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