Luftwaffen Museum at Gatow Revisted.

Living History

I was reading the local free paper this morning and saw an article relating to a new exhibit at the Luftwaffen Museum at Gatow.

There is a new Exhibition on the West Allied Fliers who were P.O.W.s.

The Highlight is a replica of the glider built at Colditz.

Thought others would like to see the glider, which Looks very impressive.

When a similar Exhibition was put on at the IWM in London I visited the Museum, but fail to remember the wing and Body coatings.

100_0391 (Large).JPG
100_0392 (Large).JPG
100_0393 (Large).JPG
100_0394 (Large).JPG

100_0395 (Large).JPG
100_0396 (Large).JPG

100_0397 (Large).JPG
100_0398 (Large).JPG

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