M4A3 105mm Sherman

Living History

Whilst I have several books regarding the Sherman Tank and the different models produced, the allocation to

various Allied Units is not noted.

Apart from American Forces, I would like to know if the Allies, particularly the British Forces were allocated any

M4A3 Models with the 105mm Howitzer.

According to the Sherman Register 7 M4A3’s were issued to British Forces but not used operationally and I

believe only for Evaluation purposes.

I ask this question as I will shortly be taking delivery of the new 1/6 scale Dragon Sherman with 105mm

Howitzer, although I believe it also includes the mantel and gun Fittings of the 75mm Canon.

Also whilst looking around at older threads on the Sherman I came across Adams post regarding the Technical

Manual of the M4A3.


Page 25 of the Manual Shows the Lubrication Points on ther Suspension System

pdf.gif m4a3 sherman.pdf 3.45MB

The diagram Shows the rear Suspension return roller mounted facing Forward and not to the rear.

I have never seen any photographs of the Sherman showing this and wonder if it is a mistake?

Unfortunately I will now be offline for a couple of weeks, but look Forward to reading any further Posts on my return.



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