Memorial to the crew of Lancaster DV177.

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Hi All,

Today I went to the unveiling of a memorial to the crew of Lancaster DV177 of 626 Squadron RAF. The Lancaster had been attacked on its way back from a bombing mission over Germany and crashed just short of Boxted Airfield near Colchester, killing all the British and Canadian crew.

The memorial was created thanks to the efforts of many people but mainly Chris Stanfield and Roy “Lofty” Tolhurst. The event was attended by several relatives of the crew who had flown in from as far afield as Canada and Australia. Also present were the Mayor of Colchester, the local MP, the Canadian Air Attache and a veteran of 626 Squadron.

The event was superb and there were “fly-by’s” by an Apache Helicopter and also the Lancaster of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Quite how Chris and Lofty managed to arrange such things is a mystery to me but I’m glad they did!

I’ve attached a few pictures I took but I’m sure that Lofty will be able to expand on this thread when he has gotten his breath back!

I’d just like to say well done to Chris, Lofty and all the others who freely gave of their time and efforts to make this memorial happen. Well done one and all ……………. :salut:

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