Mysterious WD entry

Living History

I found the following notice at the 5th Recce Regiment Intel Summary No 5 (BLA) dating April 27th 1945:

Forest Munster, gen Area 6098, although passed several days ago by Allied tps was recently combed for enemy in hiding

This was done three times and third time through 6,000 PW, 10 S.P. guns and one TIGER were captured.

The only notable German unit in this area was battle-group GROSAN and should have possessed two Tigers, one of them lost in the Area at BISPINGEN, thus the mentioned Tiger could be the second……

But this unit capitulated 21st April 1945 at 2100h.

I wonder of the origin of all these soldiers and especially S.P.guns at this date.

Anyone here has a clue, knowledge about the involved British units or even documents of this incident?

Thanks in advance for any efforts


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