Opinions on Bespoke, Italian, Tourism Business Idea.

Living History

I would like to ask all of you as to your opinions on a business venture that a friend and I are thinking about.

This is really a basic opinion poll just to see what interest there is out there in the community.

Basically, my friend has a big interest in ancient and not so ancient history here in our local area of Rimini and Pesaro, Italy. She has retired but, not willing to curl up and die, she would like to do some kind of tourist guide gig, since she knows all the museums, galleries etc etc.

What she required was a mother tongue, English speaker i.e. me.

I then proposed that this could then be expanded upon to recent Italian history and my own personal interest/expertise and all that goes with that i.e. battlefield tours, cemeteries, military museums etc.

So, my question is, would tailor made tours of the Emilia Romagna and Marche region, taking into account (apologies I’m generalising) male and female interests be of interest? By this, I mean, we could design tours to take account of personal interests whether they be, for example, a husband’s interest in battlefield tours and a wife’s interest in ancient history museums.

Let me know what you think.



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