Post WW2. 1945-48. Hamburg, Black Market

Living History

I am posting this thread for a friend in the USA.

Post war Hamburg was rife with the Black Market! It is a known fact that military as well as civillian would batter for goods/services in exchange for fags etc. One area ‘swopping’ which seemed popular was when local artists/painters would do sketches/paintings for service personel from family photos they brought with them.

Do you have in your family a sketch done for a family forces member from Hamburg during 1945-48 era? I am interested in the artists name if he signed it. I have one or two examples of family stories explaining the circumstance of how such sketches were done for the family. Do you have a Hamburg sketch from Black Market dealings and possibly a story to tell me about how it came about? Please, no stories about aquired paintings on the Black Market etc.

This is not a search to attempt to purchase any paintings you may have, rather the artists signature is of interest and the story behind obtaining the sketch. One or two stories so far have been very interesting, including one Canadian guy who was with the RCAF and another from a family, where the Dad had told the story of his sketch which still remains in the family.

Please note: I want to keep any replies for all to read and views of any sketches on this site. If you wish to keep it Private you can pm me.

Many thanks


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