Questions about woman guards in camps? Can anyone help?

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Hi all, I know I’m new to this forum, one of the reason I joined, was I’m working on a project based on the lives of the woman who worked in concentration camps.
At the time courtesy of the Nazi regime women were encouraged to stay at home and have good Aryan babies, yet some worked in camps, some were essential in camps, and for the first time in their lives had power, even though no matter what their status was, they were still subservient to the male guards.
For accuracy, I have some question, a lot of the site I’ve seen and books I’ve read and there are not that are affordable or available in the UK…or on kindle. Which is why I joined this place, and as I’ve read, a lot of you are total experts in this

These are the questions I have, and if you can help my now or direct me to the books that can answer

Ok here we go

Did the female guards have their own homes, within the camps, or did they live in barracks?

I know a lot of the prisoners, worked as servants in the guard’s homes, did they return to the camps later, or did any stay in the homes too?

When Hitler died in his bunker, the red Army approached and, the war was over. What was the reaction of the guards in the camps, did they escape? Did they try to “finish the job”; so many people are vague in what happened next? This is the big question I need answering? And how did they find out it was over, from the radio, or communications from nearer places?

Thanks in advance for those who answer

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