Same ‘Anzio’ photo – 3 Different Descriptions – Opinions Please

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I’ve been generally researching the Allied campaign in the Med and Italy, and came across the attached photo in 2 different books with 2 different descriptions.

The photo was in Fatal Decision by Carlo D’Este and was titled ‘The Terrible Gullies‘ with an additional description of

British troops under fire in the gully country northwest of the Flyover. (Imperial War Museum)

The same photo (slightly cropped) also appears in Osprey’s (Men at Arms) The British Army 1939-45 (2) with a description ‘Italy, late May 1944: men of the 1st Bn, Green Howards (15th Bde, 5th Inf Div) cautiously move forward during the attack on Moletta River,………………….’ (R.F. Stedman Collection)

I eventually tracked down the photo (Ref: NA 15298) on the IWM website

and lo and behold, another different description, as follows:

‘Men of 7th Cheshire Regiment, 5th Infantry Division’s machine gun battalion, in a captured German communications trench during the offensive at Anzio, 22 May 1944.’

I would like people’s opinions as to which description they think is correct (and reason why) and possibly any reasons as to where other desriptions originated from.



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