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I would very much appreciate any help in fully understanding the pages covering the early part of my fathers WW2 service.
From the attached, he joined the TA on the 2nd June 1937 as what I assume to be a Sapper and was trained 3 weeks later as a Search Light operator. What I would like help in understanding is why perhaps, are there references to the Royal Engineers which have been struck through despite him joining what seems to be the 344th Company, 36th Anti Aircraft Brigade or Battalion / Regiment?
Moving down tp 14th July 1938 he transferred to the 52nd AA Brigade, 154th Battery as a Sapper then immediately became a Gunner? I believe they were based in Acton so that fits perfectly if my understanding of the diary entry is correct.
Moving down again to 27th January 1939 it seems he transferred to the RASC becoming a driver (ties in with other documents) but I can’t read all of the unit details on this date. On the basis of a further entry it looks like something to do with the 26th AA Brigade Company RASC but there is something that looks like ‘26th lump Coy RASC’
Also what do the 2 large stamps saying Embodied signify?
I have already found the unit Diary at Kew for the 902 Coy RASC for 1940 onwards (narrative ties in well with family history) but there appears to be little if anything for the other postings before 1939. Might anything be held at Woolwich? Failing that, can anyone suggest any general sources of info on what I understand was the 1st AA Division?

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