Some pictures from when my Grandfather was at sea

Living History

Hope someone may recognize a few of the men in these pictures as there was no information about who the crew members are and no name of the ships dog.

First pic is of my grandfather Joseph Brelsforth, second pic is of the crew on a ship around 1943 my grandfather is the one with his hands crossed, third pic is of a crew member and the ships dog (don’t have any names for the man or dog). fourth pic is of the ships dog, fifth pic is of ships dog on a life ring, sixth pic is of another crew member, last pic is of the HMS Negro I believe (may be someone can verify that) but I am just going off the 717 on the ship.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

I am forever thankful for what the men, women and service dogs have done for us in the past and the present who have fought and fight for our freedom. May God bless you all.

Attached Thumbnails

  • Joseph Brelsforth 1942 Royal Navy Unifrom0001.jpg

  • Jospeh Brelsforth and Crew 1943.jpg

  • Navy Crew Member and ships dog0001.jpg

  • Ships dog.jpg

  • Navy dog on Life Ring.jpg

  • Crew Member.jpg

  • HMS Negro.jpg

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