sub chasing record from Corvette?

Living History

Hi folks.

I’ve just been given a bundle of papers from my Grandfather who was acting Captain of HMS Violet for six weeks in 41 out of Freetown.

these sheets are beige, S.1320.C Naval message sheets, numbered 1 – 15 and filled in in faded pencil so I can’t scan them, thet’ll need to be manually transposed….

anyway, no dates written on them, but I’ll give a few lines to give the gist of what they are:

1813 A/S Action Stations

1814 150 revs

1814/15 steer 3 degrees to Port

1815/5180 revs

1815/25 rails depth setting “E”

1815/37 Coures s70w Target moving

1815/55 steer 5 degrees starboard

1816/10 steer 20 degrees starboard

1816/35 steer 10 degrees port

1817/50 fire (Pattern)

1818 course s85w

1819 regained contact n85w

this is HALF of the first page…….of 14…. page 15 is a summary of the times the 5 attacks took place (2 pattern, 1 rails only, fire 1, fire 2.)

if I transpose all of this, is there anyone who could ease it into civilian speak?


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