The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury, triumph or turn-off ?

Living History

To be fair, I have to admit that the Rolling Stones were never really my scene.

The group started in 1962, just 15 years after I was de-mobbed and at that time I was too busy setting up and supporting a family to be able to afford the cost, time or energy to follow a Rock group.

I did, however, see and hear at the time examples of the quality of their work and was therefore able to contrast it with what I saw on last night’s performance,

Yes,Ii know that’s unfair to make the comparison so many years later, but then again, that is what they were selling and I confess that I found it all very embarrassing. The worst part of the evening was watching Keith Richards wandering round the stage, in what appeared to be his green pyjamas, looking at his guitar as though he had never seen it before !

The crowd, to my utter astonishment, loved them despite the fact that they’d been listening all day to much better examples of what passes for music these days (sorry!)

I shall be interested in reading your comments.


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