Why China’s film makers love to hate Japan

Living History

Intersting news report here.
Perfectly understandable why the Chinese don’t like the Japanese.


I like this quote

Shi Zhongpeng dies for a living….the sturdily built stuntman is killed over and over playing Japanese soldiers in war movies and TV series…. Once, Shi says, he perished 31 times in a single day of battle…..”I play a shameful Japanese soldier in a way that when people watch, they feel he deserves to die,” Shi says. “I get bombed in the end.”

For Chinese audiences, the extras mown down in a screen war that never ends are a powerful reminder of Japan’s brutal 14-year occupation, the climax of more than a century of humiliation at the hands of foreign powers.

Japanese foreign-policy scholars say more than 200 anti-Japanese films were made last year.

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