WWII Para Veteran Col John Waddy

Living History

We write to let you know of Col John Waddy who was a para in WWII and continued to serve his country for a total of 35 years. During ‘Operation Market Garden’ John jumped in on day 2 18th September 1944 at ‘Ginkel Heide’ and from his this he has had commissioned a print showing the drop to raise money for the ‘Arnhem 1944 Fellowship’. We met John at the beginning of the year and got talked in to helping him sell his print because at the age of 91 as he puts it a little past internet marketing.

So with your help we hope to be successful in selling this print for him. I have enclosed the following information regarding the print, pictures and a link to a face book page we are in the middle of creating. If you would like to purchase please email us your interest where we will send you payment details.


Each tube which contains the following:

1 x print

1 x leaflet ‘History about the Print”

2 x colour photos of Mr Waddy signing the print

1 x receipt.

All items will be wrapped in tissue paper and enclosed in a hard cardboard tube sent via the royal mail and will be sent recorded delivery.

Each print costs £25 and £5 postage (up to 2 images per tube).

John also wrote a book ‘A Tour of the Arnhem Battlefields’ – Each book costs £20 and £5 postage (per book).

Although the Battle of Arnhem was fought over sixty years ago, it still evokes such interest that it would seem to rank with the great victories of Agincourt, Trafalgar, Waterloo and the Battle of Britain, all of which proved to be turning points in the history of our nation. Arnhem was not a victory, but its outcome may have had results equally vital to the more recent history of the world. To many people the Battle of Arnhem was the Battle of Arnhem Bridge, which has now passed into history as “The Bridge Too Far”. This is understandable, for the bridge was the main objective of the 1st British Airborne Division. The north end was captured and held for three days, thus denying its use to the Germans, which proved crucial to the success gained by the rest of Operation Market Garden. As a battle guide this book leaves nothing out, illustrated with maps and photographs, the author takes the reader through the battle with extensive use of first hand accounts.

We are taking payments by cheque or if you do online banking payments can be made this way. To order your print simply confirm how you would like to make payment.

If you require any further information please email us and we thank you for your order.

Kind regards

Mrs Dawn Stuckey

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